Happy New Year everyone.

The very first concert C Natural did raised £40 and at the time I was over the moon with that as I never thought we’d make anything to be able to donate it but if you compare that to the Christmas concert we have just done – we raised £280! I genuinely can’t believe the support of all our students and I am proud of each and everyone of you for performing in the concert so well!

We’ve decided that the orchestra sounded so good at the end of last term that we’re going to keep them together from now on, so the rehearsals will be 12:30-2:00 (still at Stoke Minster Primary) for both groups and if we need separate practice we’ll take you all off in sectionals.

We’re also trying to promote the groups as much as possible, but if anyone has any ideas what we can do to promote it more, please let us know. Even better if you yourselves can do anything to promote the ensemble then that would be even more helpful.